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Stainless Steel Flange Feature And Application


Stainless Steel Flange are flanges that must be welded into the inner ring of the flange.Stainless Steel Flange not only saves space, reduces weight, more important is to ensure that the joint does not leak, has good sealing performance.Wusheng is a professional stainless steel flange manufacturer that supports customized Stainless Steel Flange.Stainless Steel Flange refer to the flanges used in pipe fittings and the import and export flanges used in equipment. There are holes in the flange, and the bolts make the two flanges tightly connected.

Stainless Steel Flange Feature And Application

Wusheng Stainless Steel Flange has good metal properties and corrosion resistance, often used in stainless steel water pipe, high pressure pipe and corrosion resistance pressure pipe installation connection. Stainless steel flange has strong mechanical strength and scalability, easy to manufacture, can meet the structural requirements of architects and designers.

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